grade 5 curriculum

Language Arts

  • • Read a variety of genres of literature centered on specific topics while making age appropriate selections
  • • Master spelling and vocabulary words and use multiple strategies to develop vocabulary
  • • Develop a variety of comprehension strategies
  • • Thoroughly practice the writing process using a variety of styles
  • • Continue to introduce, identify, connect and apply parts of speech and its correct use to the writing process
  • • Continue to refine and develop listening, organizational and study skills


  • • Mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills with quick recall
  • • Fluent in addition and subtraction with fractions and decimals and long division procedures
  • • Understand place value to the billions, units of measure in relating 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional shapes and properties
  • • Be able to communicate mathematical ideas, work in cooperative learning groups, collect and analyze data, and use and understand mathematical terms


  • • Use appropriate tools including microscopes to gather data and draw conclusions
  • • Develop a scientific vocabulary
  • • Carry out, record, and develop simple experiments individually and in a group situation
  • • Develop the skills of measuring solutions, investigating, exploring, inquiring, classifying, observing and connecting to real-world experiences
  • • Communicate findings both through written and oral expressions

Social Studies

  • • Explore the American expansion
  • • Investigate and explore the origins and purpose of the original colonies, and how they influenced current life.
  • • Develop ways to communicate ideas orally, in written expressions and through presentations
  • • Understand the framework of the Constitution, the war to independence, geographical expansion, and the various wars in our country
  • • Communicate ideas both orally and in written expression and through presentations
  • • Continue to develop map skills
  • • Learn to work effectively in a group situation

Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran

These subjects are part of a sequence of courses per the Kuwait Ministry of Education main curriculum regarding arabic and religious education. AFL for foreigners and/or students who speak arabic as a second language is also offered. Arabic is scheduled once a day, everyday of the week for all grades. Religion/Quran is scheduled 3 times a week.

Physical Education

  • • Continue competency in managing body
  • • Demonstrate proficiency in non-locomotor and locomotor skills
  • • Show good sportsmanship and teamwork in games and activities
  • • Demonstrate improvement in flexibility, strength, speed and agility
  • • Follow more complex rules and instruction


  • • Practice recognizing from soft to loud, allegro, presto, lento, legato, and staccato
  • • Develop strategies using ORFF instruments: solid crossover, moving borduns, I-V harmonies, and parallel chords
  • • Continue to develop skills using the recorder
  • • Folk dancing
  • • Participate in choral presentations


  • • Understand basic art terms
  • • Apply basic principles of design
  • • Gain an understanding of human proportion in renderings
  • • Identify colors with regard to emotional effect, using warm and cool colors
  • • Use different view points in creating work
  • • Use a variety of media to create art projects


  • • Continue to review computer basics, and keyboarding
  • • Develop proficiency in word processing skills, drawing and graphics, peripherals, presentations, electronic references, Internet, Spreadsheet, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, and database
  • • Continue to use the computer as a tool to enhance the learning process through curriculum integration in the classroom
  • • Understand the importance of internet safety

Library / Character Development

  • • Continue to review skills leaned in previous grades
  • • Identify and use information found on automated card catalog
  • • Identify cross references and locate materials
  • • Develop an understanding of plagiarism, copyright and validity of information and apply while using a variety of reference materials
  • • Continue to develop an appreciation for literature and story telling
  • • Continue to develop and demonstrate skills in self awareness, relationships, decision making, safety awareness and chemical use in society

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