Founder's message

Dear Prospective Parent,

Welcome to Kuwait American School. I appreciate your interest in our values-based, high achieving school. I think you and your child(ren) will enjoy the strong family feeling at KAS.

At Kuwait American School, we hold a high vision for our students. We pledge to educate KAS students in accordance with the highest US and international academic standards. In addition to high academic standards, we also help students apply what they have learned with goodness and reason to uphold their own inherent values, family honor and to serve others. The latter is the result of my dream to bring and sustain ethical learning to the students living in Kuwait. Our school culture is based on Living Values Education so that not only are students treated with respect, care and dignity, but they learn about values affectively and cognitively in order to help create the change in the world we all wish to see.

I warmly invite you to be part of our high achieving Kuwait American School.

Mrs. Wajeeha Al Habib
(R.I.P 1963-2012)