kas honor code

The Kuwait American School is a place where everyone is treated fairly with dignity and respect. The expectation is that every student will model the same values and qualities when interacting with teachers, staff and one another.

The Kuwait American School Honor Code sets forth the high expectations we place on ourselves as educators and administrators and the behaviors that are expected of all our students.

The KAS Honor Code

I promise to be -

  • Open minded, hard working and dedicated
  • Positive, energetic, loving, caring and kind
  • Creative, co-operative, patient, honest, and respectful

"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe and your heart desires, you can achieve……"

I promise to be -

  • Reasonable, presentable, dependable and courteous.
  • Helpful, tidy, and to live my values

"An original is always worth more than a copy"

I promise to be -

  • Knowledgeable, cheerful, and careful.
  • Courteous, hard working, and inspirational.
  • Motivated, supportive and a team worker.

"Be the change you want to see…………."

I am-

  • Fair, caring and motivated.
  • Inquisitive, diligent and dedicated.
  • Responsible, improving, respectful and punctual.

"View all students and people developmentally rather than categorically"

"Together we uplift the spirit of learning and one another"