grade 8 curriculum

ENGLISH 8 (102)

Eighth grade continues the foundations begun in the previous years. Through review and expansion of grammar, vocabulary, and literature skills, students will develop and refine their analytical and writing abilities. The literary genres – short story, novel, poetry, and Shakespearean drama – will continue to reinforce, expand, and polish the myriad skills of reading, writing, and vocabulary development; always with the underlying premise that training in good reading and writing is inseparable. By the end of the eighth grade, students will be able to write a well-developed five paragraph essay illustrating mastery of the grammar structure of the language.


This course is designed to provide students with the algebraic skills necessary to master upper level studies in mathematics. The student will build on a strong foundation in applying the fundamental operations using integers, exponents, fractions, decimals, and percents. The goal is to develop an understanding of algebraic concepts and to introduce abstract thought processes in working with variable equations. Projects utilizing problem-solving skills are emphasized. This course is focused on providing the foundation for success in Algebra I.


In Earth Science 8, students will be introduced to the broad study of planet Earth and its place in the universe. The course provides an overview of geological processes, meteorology, oceanography, and a unit on the environment with particular emphasis on water and the atmosphere. Some basic universal forces such as gravity and energy will be introduced in the context of our solar system. Lab activities involving planetary motion, mineral/rock identification, erosion, and others will provide a hands-on emphasis in the course. The Living Values concept of environmental stewardship will also be a part of the curriculum.


Students study the basic geographic features of the earth and explore how they have shaped cultures along with modern economic and political systems. As part of this process, students develop a place name repertory and are thus able to visualize in their minds the major nations, regions, and physical features of the world. Students also examine the development and contemporary interaction of world cultures. The course encourages students to become active learners through class participation, discussion of current events, group work and map making. There is a strong emphasis on the introduction and reinforcement of academic skills such as writing, reading comprehension, organization, oral expression, and others. Homework, quizzes, tests, and class discussions requiring critical and original thinking are the means of evaluation.

Arabic/Islamic Studies/Quran

These subjects are part of a sequence of courses per the Kuwait Ministry of Education main curriculum regarding arabic and religious education. AFL for foreigners and/or students who speak arabic as a second language is also offered. Arabic is scheduled once a day, everyday of the week for all grades. Religion/Quran is scheduled 3 times a week.


This class is part of a sequence of courses per the Kuwait Ministry of Education requirements regarding religious education.


Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting I

This course is designed to be a structured personal exploration of the experience, theory, vocabulary, and materials of drawing and painting. One’s own expression of the subject is the goal of the class. This will be gained through an understanding of perceptual and mechanical skills, communication, and a personal energy. This class may be taken more than once.


Internet browsers and search engines will be discussed, with students gaining important hands-on experience. At the end of the semester, students will create a basic slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.


Physical education is required of all middle school students. The program’s focus is on improving the physical condition of all students regardless of athletic ability. Students will be shown proper training techniques designed to help students maintain good physical condition throughout their lives. In addition, various skills specific to a number of team and individual sports will also be included in the instruction. Students may also try out for various competitive sports teams in addition to, but not instead of, Physical Education.

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