Youth Academy

Our Youth Academy (YA) was established for our young elementary students who showed lots of interest in participating in soccer outside of school time. It has been operating since 2016 as a soccer sports club and has achieved a high number of students’ participation and parent satisfaction. We have become a locally recognized Sports Academy and our expatriate coaches are also keen KAS educators. The YA has now expanded and offers a Basketball program and has opened its doors to the public.

Our academy has been launched with our school’s Living Values concept also at its core. Motivating and coaching children with emphasis on teamwork, team care, respect and fairness in the field. Our previous initiatives such as the Father & Son Matches have been greatly received in the past. Our young players have shown great improvement and high levels of talent and skill.

The academy students have had opportunities to compete with other schools and sports clubs at friendly matches as well as organized competitions including the Development Celtic League.

Our vision is to provide opportunities to Kuwait’s youth to enhance their interests and skills starting from a young age and to participate in a larger community that includes the support of their parents and families in promoting and committing to a healthy and active lifestyle.

With a mission “To motivate and coach an active, growing Youth”.

The philosophy of the YA is to offer athletic and learning programs that are fun, progressive experiences for young students and players who are seeking to improve their game, their interests, and their abilities.

Program sessions will be delivered in a safe environment that will allow players to develop and gain confidence through the individual attention provided by experienced educators and coaches.

The Youth Academy-Soccer and Basketball currently offers to students in Grades 3 to Grade 5.

The programs offered are the following:

Soccer Club

  • Tuesdays (5:00pm - 6:00pm) and Saturdays (5:00Pm - 6:00Pm) - location :- Messilah Soccer Fields (Sabah Al-Salem Area)

Basketball Club

  • Sundays and Wednesdays (5:00pm-6:00pm) location :- KAS


  • The YA fees is 40 per month (Twice a week, 8 sessions total).

You may sign up your child for multiple months and pay accordingly. For example, the fees can be paid per trimester should you wish for your child to join for a total of 3 months which totals to 24 training sessions plus friendly matches.

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Please use the form below if your child has already joined a YA club and would like to re-register in the academy for another package.

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